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Monday through Friday
(excluding Japanese national holidays)

AI Communication Inc.


Features of Our Services

Features of Our Services

Our mission in providing interpreting services is not just mere substitution of words, but to be a bridge for communication between different cultures.
Communication within the same culture can be difficult.
All the more so when communication takes place between those of different cultures and languages.
Our foremost mission is to be your assistant in ensuring smooth and mutual understanding between different cultures. While keeping this mission in mind, we will provide our interpretation services in a respectful manner.

Introduction of our Interpretation Services

We will support your communication with optimum interpretation methods in line with your needs.
We provide broad services in terms of languages and fields, promising to provide high-quality interpretation services.

Types of Interpretation

Types of Interpretation

  • ・Simultaneous Interpretation
  • ・Whispering Interpretation
  • ・Consecutive Interpretation
  • ・Interpretation Services for Web/Telephone/TV Meetings are also available


English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and many others…
*Please feel free to contact us for other languages.

A Proven Track Record

A Proven Track Record

  • ・Seminars
    ・Press Conferences
  • ・Internal Audits
    ・Quality Audits
  • ・General Shareholders Meetings
    ・Board of Directors Meetings
  • ・Management Meetings
    ・Courtesy Calls
  • ・Due Diligence
    ・System Implementation Project
  • ・M&A relevant Negotiation Interpretation
  • ・Global Dealer Alliance Meetings
    ・Compliance Training
  • ・Media Interviews and many others

Interpretation Service Fees

(All fees are subject to consumption tax)

 Full DayHalf a Day
(up to three hours)
Simultaneous/Consecutive Conference Interpretation

(Global Conferences, Lecturers, Press Conferences, Seminars etc.)
80,000 yen~ 53,600 yen~
Consecutive/Whispering Interpretation

(In-house Trainings/Meetings, Business Negotiation etc.)
65,000 yen~ 43,500 yen~
Consecutive Interpretation

(visit and inspection, product demonstration etc.)
50,000 yen~ 33,500 yen~

*Please understand the fee may fluctuate depending on the level of difficulty of the assignment and other factors.


1.Advance Meeting

1st time: Free of charge (coordinator only).
Subsequent meetings: 10,000yen/meeting (within 90 minutes).
Extra charge for an additional interpreter to accompany for a half-day is discounted 50% with travelling charge(if the location is outside of Tokyo 23 wards).

2.Portal-to-Portal Hours and Actual Working Hours

Half Day means less than three hours of actual working hours. Up to four working hours, the client is charged by half-day fee + overtime per 15 minutes, when it exceeds four working hours, full day (within 7 working hours, 8 portal-to-portal hours with one hour of lunch break) fee to be applied. When exceeding 8 portal-to-portal hours, overtime fee to be charged separately.

3.Number of Interpreters Required

In principle, one interpreter is dispatched for a half-day assignment, two or more in excess of three working hours. In cases of simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters are dispatched for three hours or less, and 3 to 4 interpreters for an assignment for three hours or more.

4.Cancellation Fees
4-7 days prior 30% of the estimate
2-3 days prior 50% of the estimate
1 day or the actual date

100% of the estimate

Please note that all alterations, including changes of assignment date and time, requested after AI Communication Inc. has contacted the client with the confirmation of interpreting services are subject to the following cancellation fees.

*The number of days of advance notice is calculated based on the number of business days. (i.e., Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays are not included in the calculation). This means that Friday cancellation of an assignment scheduled for the following Monday would be considered one day of advance notice.
*For assignments of seven to thirteen days (including travel time and on-site non-working days), a fee is charged for cancellations made with fourteen or fewer days of advance notice (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays). For assignments of fourteen days or more (including travel time and on-site non-working days), a fee is charged for cancellations made with one month or less of advance notice (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays), Full details are provided with cost estimates

5.Business Trips

Assignments in prefectures other than Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama are considered as business trips. Assignments at locations that lie 100 km or more from Tokyo Station are considered business trips, even if they are within the prefectures mentioned above. For the Kansai area, the above rules, mutatis mutandis, apply, with Osaka Station instead of Tokyo station. Also, early-morning or late night assignments for which interpreter(s) is unable to arrive on time or go home by public transportation will be considered as business trips.


Clients are kindly requested to consult us in advance about secondary use of a recorded interpretation including its uploading onto the Internet. Advance payment is required for first-time clients.

FAQ for Interpretation Services

What kind of interpretation types do you provide?

■“Consecutive Interpretation”
In this type of interpreting, the interpreter listens while a person speaks, the speaker then pauses after a few sentences and the interpreter restates what has just been said in another language to the audience. Repeating this process is consecutive interpretation. No special equipment is needed, and one interpreter can handle this type of interpreting for a short period of time, thus cost can be reduced; however, the required time will be double that of how long the speaker speaks, so please be mindful of this fact when you allocate time.

■”Whispering Interpreting”
In this type of interpretation, from beside or from behind, the person requires interpretation and the interpreter simultaneously interprets by whispering. This is suitable for cases when people at an internal meeting requiring interpretation are few in number. This type of interpreting is technically equivalent to simultaneous interpretation, so multiple interpreters are required for a long-hours assignment. When audiences are multiple in number, simple simultaneous equipment will be required.

■“Simultaneous Interpretation”
In this type of interpreting, the interpreter listens to a person speak in one language while almost at the same time restating what the speaker is saying into another language. This interpreting does not hinder the progress of the meeting, and the audience has an option to listen to what the interpreter interprets or listen to the original speech by the speaker. Usually interpreters go into a special booth and while listening to what the speaker says through headphones, the interpreter interprets into a microphone after two or three seconds of the speaker. The audience put on earphones in their ears and listen to the interpreter’s voice. Significant concentration is required for interpreters because they listen to what the speaker says while interpreting. Special equipment for simultaneous interpreting will be required.

Will you prepare equipment for simultaneous interpretation?

Yes, we can prepare from simple simultaneous equipment to special booth required for simultaneous interpretation as needed, so feel free to contact us.