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Features of our English Training for Companies

In order for business persons, for whom every minute counts, to use their time effectively, our corporate English training mainly focuses on instructors coming to your office. As interpretation is the basis for our company, all courses have interpretation English training method.

We have a variety of instructors, including a bilingual instructor whose considerable business experience at American and Japanese companies, one who has painstakingly become a native-level English speaker, and a native English speaker who has long engaged in English training in Japan for several years and has become thoroughly familiar with common weaknesses of Japanese students.


As example, we have the attached courses:

Course Example


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The list serves only as an example, and according to the needs of clients, we will select the optimum course from long term, short-term intensive, long-distance training using emails and web cameras and customize it to fit your needs and deliver it to you. We would never force you to take an unnecessary course.