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AI Communication Inc. uses personal information appropriately and seeks to manage it safely.

The following is the personal information protection policy for this site.
We will handle your personal information with care and do our best in operating and administering this site
in a manner that ensures you can use our site safely.  

Scope of Personal Information

“Personal Information” for this site means that “Name and Email Address” or any other information provided by you which can identify specific individuals or your personal unique information.

Acquisition of Personal Information

In this site, when we request you to provide personal information, the purpose of such use is defined in advance. Use of information provided by you will be limited to within the scope of such use, and your personal information will not be used for other than the defined usage without your consent.

Purpose of the Usage of Personal Information

This site uses personal information provided by you within the scope of the following objectives:

Reply to your inquiry
Execute our business
Select candidate (for only those who have applied)

Providing Personal Information to a Third Party            

The information provided by you will not be disclosed by any third party under any conditions excluding the cases which fall under the following:
■When you consent to the providing of information
■When commissioning the handling of personal information within the necessary scope of accomplishing the usage purpose
■When provide the information as statistical data, after processing it in a manner that your identity cannot be identified
■When providing the information is inevitable after being requested from the relevant agency to disclose based on regulations and others.
■When providing the information is necessary to protect life or body of individuals or assets and difficult to obtain the consent from the individual
■When inquired or requested from public offices, attorneys and others for cooperation and judges such request is legal and appropriate.


Safety Management of Personal Information

This site specifies person responsible for managing personal information and to manage it appropriately and seeks to prevent leakage of the personal information to the outside. The person responsible for the management shall take full security measures in order to prevent the third party from information leakage, misappropriation, falsification and others.

Protection of Personal Information on the linked Page

Please note that we will not be responsible for safety management of the personal information to the website linked from this site. Regarding the personal information protection policy for the linked page, please be advised to check privacy policies ant others on the linked page on your own.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  

Inquiry about this Site

Please contact the following for any inquiry and consultation. For inquiry about personal information, we will respond it as soon as possible, after confirming the identity.



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