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From a Client of Translation, Interpretation Services and English Training:
Plant Manager of a global machine manufacturing firm

AI Communication has helped us significantly as they can meet our various needs as a manufacturing facility since they provide a broad array of services including translation, interpretation and English training.
Also, as they have had a long relationship with us, they are able to field technical terms perfectly and provide high quality service.
Also, I appreciate that they also have their staff in Kansai and can meet our sudden needs.
Please continue your high level of flexible service.

From a Client of Translation and Interpretation Services:Manager of a global machine manufacturer

I am very satisfied with their personalized services as they dispatch highly professional-minded and appropriate interpreters according to various types and contents of meetings, including management meetings with executives attending and teleconference.
Also, they help us in a broader way regarding documents of various specialized fields including labor, finance, and legal.
I strongly hope to continue to work with them on various occasions.

From a Client of Translation, Interpretation Services:
Plant Manager of a machine manufacturing company

AI Communication has provided high-quality and appropriate services in a broader arena including management or individual meetings regardlesss of time, accompany us when we visit suppliers in Japan and overseas.

The staff well understand the difference in cultures between Japan and overseas countries, providing correct interpreting and translation services with methodical logic, and all involved are quite satisfied.
I assume this is the results of AI Communication grasping the user daily needs and their staff are striving to improve in order to meet the needs.
I hope they will continue to develop high-quality service and AI Communciation maintains its high competitiveness for developing a partner that can please clients.

From a Client of Translation and Interpretation Services:

​Former Managing Director of a manufacturing company

I always have full confidence in the services provided by AI Communication Inc. They surpass others in terms of their capability in providing services swiftly, accurately, and at acceptable prices. Also, their meticulous consideration to detail which is not found among their competitors is admirable.

From a Client of Translation and Interpretation Services:
HR Manager of a global machine manufacturing firm

"My experience with AI Communication is that this company excels in interpretation and translation services. The staff is very knowledgeable and always professional. They take pride in their work and are committed to customer service. I have learned to trust the quality of their work and the integrity of their employees. Our company uses AI Communication for work requests that are confidential in nature and critical to the success of our organization. They always meet or exceed our expectations."

From a Client of English Training:
Manager of a global machine manufacturer

Up to now, we have requested in-house English training from various companies which provide English training, but you have a unique English training program not found among competitors and very popular among our employees.
Even one employee continues the English learning method learned from your training course, and his TOEIC score has increased from 400 level to 800 level. Please continue to dispatch such zealous instructors.

From a Client of Translation and Interpretation Services:
Design Director, a global machine manufacturer

AI Communication has been helping us for a long time for interpretation and document translations.
Especially for interpretation, their scope is vast, including small meeting interpretation, an international conference with large audiences and press conference, regardless of the size; translation content broadly covers from management, accounting, HR, manufacturing and marketing, and they always dispatch appropriate interpreters.
Their work varies, including the attending of midnight tele-conference, accompanying us on business trips, both within Japan and overseas. The staff members are extremely professional, and we recognize that they fully prepare themselves for each assignment and strive to enhance their skills through continuing study.
I hope they will continue to support us as an integral business partner.

From a client for English training:
A temporary staffing agency

To hold a English training seminar requested by many of our staff members, they customized the program by listening to our needs and we are grateful for their flexibility.
Our company and staff are thankful for the instructor because within the limited time, we were able to make several requests and she kindly incorporated them into their program.
The instructor converted these requests into a meaningful, focused and practical seminar.
We would like to continue to do business with them by holding regular follow-up training or other programs.

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